Shinto Katana

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Purchase the Shinto Katana, crafted from T10 high-carbon steel by Paul Chen/Hanwei. Superior craftsmanship and traditional design.

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Buying Shinto Katana

The Shinto Katana from Paul Chen / Hanwei stands as a testament to exceptional craftsmanship, featuring a hand-forged T10 high-carbon steel blade with Bo-Hi. This katana is differentially hardened using the traditional claying method, ensuring a hard, resilient edge and a more flexible spine.

The Shinto Katana is mounted in elegant black, with the tsuka-ito made from premium black Japanese cotton. The saya boasts a deep black lacquer finish complemented by a black cotton sageo. The tsuba is an exquisite black iron piece, detailed with a finely rendered dragon in gold, showcasing true front-and-back detail. The fittings are meticulously antiqued, adding to the sword’s aesthetic allure.

Key Features:

  • T10 Forged High-Carbon Steel Blade: Ensures exceptional strength and cutting performance.
  • Traditional Construction: Maintains the authenticity and quality of traditional Japanese sword-making techniques.
  • Built for Cutting: Ideal for martial artists and collectors alike.


  • Total Length: Approximately 99 cm
  • Blade Length: Approximately 68.6 cm
  • Handle Length: Approximately 28.6 cm
  • Thickness at Guard: Approximately 6 mm
  • Weight: Approximately 850 g
  • Blade Steel: T10

Each Shinto Katana is supplied with a protective cloth bag and a traditional maintenance kit, ensuring it remains in pristine condition for years to come. Please note that specifications may slightly vary from piece to piece, highlighting the unique craftsmanship of each sword.

Whether you are a practitioner of martial arts or an avid collector, buying the Shinto Katana means owning a piece of art that embodies the rich history and tradition of Japanese sword-making.