Practical Special Katana

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Discover the Practical Special Katana with a forged high carbon blade, perfect for faster draws and multiple cuts. Shop now for top quality at an economy price!

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Buy Practical Special Katana for Superior Speed and Performance

Looking to buy a katana that combines high performance with affordability? This Katana is your ideal choice. Crafted by the renowned Hanwei, this katana is a refined version of the Practical Katana, designed to meet the demands of enthusiasts seeking a quicker and more agile sword without breaking the bank.

Features of the Practical Special Katana

  • Forged High Carbon Blade: The blade is made from 1566 high carbon steel, ensuring durability and sharpness.
  • Differentially Tempered: This technique provides a harder edge for superior cutting capability.
  • Enhanced Speed: With slight modifications in blade dimensions and enlarged tsuba cutouts, this katana offers a noticeable improvement in handling and speed, despite a weight reduction of only 3 oz.


  • Blade Material: 1566 high carbon steel
  • Overall Length: Approximately 100 cm
  • Blade Length: Approximately 71 cm
  • Handle Length: Approximately 28 cm
  • Weight: Approximately 1021 g
  • Manufacturer’s Product Number: SH2376

Each piece may have slight variations, making your katana unique.

Why Choose the Practical Special Katana?

The Practical Special Katana is perfect for those who need a faster draw and multiple cut capabilities at an economical price. While the Practical Katana remains the standard for hard and regular cutting, the Special Katana stands out for its enhanced agility and performance.

Don’t compromise on quality or affordability. Buy the Practical Special Katana today and experience the perfect balance of speed, precision, and craftsmanship.