Practical Plus Katana

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Discover the Practical Plus Katana with traditional fittings. High carbon steel, fully functional. Buy your perfect katana today!

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Traditional Practical Plus Katana for Sale

Looking to buy a traditional Practical Plus Katana? The Practical Plus Katana by Hanwei is an exceptional cutting sword that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern affordability. This katana is designed for those who appreciate authenticity and functionality in a Japanese sword.

Traditional Craftsmanship

The Practical Plus Katana features a blade forged from 1566 high carbon steel and is differentially hardened using the traditional claying method, resulting in a prominent hamon. This meticulous process ensures a durable and sharp edge suitable for cutting exercises.

Authentic Fittings

This katana includes genuine rayskin (same) on the handle (tsuka), providing a traditional and secure grip. The tsuka-Ito is specially developed for its superior gripping qualities. The sword’s long tang is double-pegged, offering extra security during use.

Elegant Design

The Practical Plus Katana’s fittings are adorned with a Japanese dogwood motif and dragon menuki. The iron tsuba features an attractive “sunburst” design, complemented by a brass habaki, making this katana both functional and visually appealing.

Key Features

  • High Carbon Steel Blade: Forged from 1566 high carbon steel for strength and sharpness.
  • Fully Functional: Perfect for cutting exercises and practice.
  • Differential Tempering: Traditional claying method ensures a prominent hamon and durable edge.


  • Overall Length: Approx. 102.8 cm
  • Blade Length: Approx. 69.2 cm
  • Handle Length: Approx. 31.1 cm
  • Weight: Approx. 1050 g
  • Point of Balance: Approx. 13.9 cm from the guard
  • Blade Width at Guard: Approx. 3.1 cm
  • Blade Width at Tip: Approx. 2.3 cm
  • Blade Thickness at Guard: Approx. 7 mm
  • Blade Thickness at Tip: Approx. 5 mm
  • Manufacturer’s Product No.: SH2073

Each Practical Plus Katana is unique, with slight variations in specifications, ensuring you own a one-of-a-kind sword. Order your Practical Plus Katana today and experience the blend of tradition and modernity in a perfect katana.