Musashi XL Katana

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Purchase the Musashi XL Katana with a hand-forged carbon steel blade, ideal for tameshigiri. Top-tier quality and traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

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Buy Musashi XL Katana: High-Quality Hand-Forged Sword

Are you looking to buy a top-quality Musashi XL Katana? This masterpiece, crafted by Hanwei, meets all the needs of a serious sword enthusiast. The Musashi XL Katana features a hand-forged blade made of high-quality carbon steel, differentially hardened using the traditional clay method. This process creates a beautiful ko-notare hamon, a unique wave pattern on the blade.

The differential hardening ensures that the edge achieves greater hardness compared to the spine. This provides the blade with optimal characteristics: a hard, sharp edge and a tougher spine that absorbs the impact of strikes. Ideal for heavier tameshigiri, this katana has no Bo-Hi (fuller), making the blade more substantial and reducing resistance when striking an object.

The Musashi XL Katana comes with a black matte saya (scabbard), and the sageo is made from Japanese cotton. The handle is wrapped in genuine rayskin (same), with the tsuka-ito (wrapping) made of black leather. Unlike the regular Musashi katana, the handle or tsuka is shorter, addressing the longer 38 cm length of the traditional version.

The tsuba (guard) is the famous Musashi “double ring” design, created by the renowned samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi. One of the most famous swordsmen in Japanese history, Musashi fought over 60 duels and remained undefeated. The fuchi and kashira are made of blackened iron, perfectly complementing the Musashi tsuba.

After his voluntary retirement at a young age, Musashi wrote the famous treatise on swordsmanship, “The Book of Five Rings,” outlining his views on tactics and strategy. The Musashi katana appeals to many and is not only suitable as a decoration but is also functional and part of Hanwei’s performance series.

Features of the Musashi XL Katana:

  • Total Length: 102.87 cm
  • Nagasa (Blade): 72.39 cm
  • Tsuka (Handle): 27.94 cm
  • Weight: 1210 grams
  • Point of Balance: 13.97 cm
  • Sori (Curvature): 75 mm
  • Moto-haba: 36 mm
  • Moto-Kasane: 7 mm
  • Saki-Haba: 28 mm
  • Saki-Kasane: 5 mm
  • Each piece may slightly vary.

Consider buying the Musashi XL Katana today to experience the pinnacle of traditional Japanese sword craftsmanship.