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Welcome to the official European webshop of Hanwei. With us you can buy a real functional sword. Our expertise lies with Japanese Swords, European Swords and Chinese Swords. Our swords are suitable for martial arts practitioners, but also very suitable as beautiful decoration. Moreover, we also have accessories and maintenance kits available.
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Hanwei Making History

Hanwei Europe Shop is a specialist in Japanese martial arts items and has an extensive assortment for the collector and serious martial arts practitioner. Hanwei has a quality wide and deep range of Japanese, European and Chinese swords.

Often copied, never equaled!

Discover our unique collection of high-quality swords, where craftsmanship and authenticity come together. From historic replicas to functional masterpieces, each piece by master blacksmith Paul Chen tells its own story. Enter the world of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Welcome to the place where true master blacksmiths can be found

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The Japanese collection includes Japanese katanas, Wakizashi’s, Tanto’s, Iaito’s and of course related products such as maintenance kits, stands and equipment. The Japanese swords consist of several lines such as the Practical, Hand Forged, Hand Forged & Folded, Raptor, Tamahagane and Iaito series. The highly detailed Chinese lines consist of the Jian Swords, Dao’s, Dynasty Swords, Sabels, Tai Chi Jian Swords and the highly functional Jian Swords. For the lover of European swords, there is also a large selection from sharp historical replicas to blunt practical European swords and from the Viking period to the late Renaissance.

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Paul Chen Swords

You can easily and safely buy the best Katana swords online from Paul Chen at Hanwei has a wide range of swords, including Japanese katanas, European sword types and historical replicas. Each sword is carefully selected based on quality and authenticity. Our webshop offers comprehensive product information and advice to help customers make a choice. This makes Hanwei-Sword-Shop an ideal online store for both beginners and experienced collectors.

Sword Standard and Maintenance

As a sword specialist, Hanwei also has sword stands and accessories. Maintenance kits to keep your swords in good condition and beautiful sword stands to display your Katana beautifully.
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Information about Hanwei - Paul Chen

Find out all about the history and meaning of different swords in the Swords Blog. At Hanwei, we showcase different swords and publish about tips and news.


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The katana, also known as a Japanese sword with a curved blade, is traditionally carried by samurai warriors. The katana is made of high-quality steel and forged according to ancient methods. It is known for its sharpness, durability and cultural symbolism.

Yes, a Katana from Hanwei or Paul Chen is always full-tang, this means that the blade and blade are made in one piece and thus the blade extends all the way into the handle. This results in a sturdy, balanced construction and offers increased durability and good balance with perfect handling. All katanas are designed with this feature in mind to ensure exceptional quality and performance.

If you want to buy a genuine Japanese katana from Hanwei, you’ve come to the right place! Paul Chen’s high-quality swords are hand-forged and functional, and made according to Japanese tradition. Each blade of a sword is carefully crafted by highly skilled artisans.

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