Practical Tanto

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Purchase a Practical Tanto by Hanwei. High carbon forged blade, differentially tempered, ideal for martial artists.

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Practical Tanto

Looking to buy a high-quality practical tanto? The Hanwei Practical Tanto (SH2254) is an exceptional choice for martial artists seeking a reliable, functional blade at an affordable price.

Key Features:

  • High Carbon Forged Blade: The blade is crafted from high carbon steel, ensuring durability and sharpness.
  • Differentially Tempered: This process produces an HRC60 edge and HRC40 back, giving the blade a superior balance of hardness and flexibility.
  • Fully Functional: Designed to withstand the rigors of cutting exercises in the dojo, this tanto is not just for display.


  • Blade Material: Carbon steel
  • Overall Length: Approximately 30.48 cm
  • Blade Length: Approximately 17.78 cm
  • Handle Length: Approximately 10.16 cm
  • Weight: Approximately 170 g
  • Point of Balance: Approximately 2.54 cm
  • Width at Guard: Approximately 2.49 cm
  • Thickness at Guard: Approximately 0.56 cm
  • Sori (Curvature): Approximately 0.64 cm

Why Choose Hanwei?

Hanwei is renowned for producing high-quality, economical swords. The Practical Tanto offers the authentic look and feel of more expensive blades, with a prominent temper line that reflects its superior craftsmanship.

Whether you’re practicing cutting techniques in the dojo or adding to your collection, the Practical Tanto by Hanwei is an excellent investment. Its robust construction and premium materials make it a top choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Buy your Practical Tanto today and experience the perfect blend of tradition, quality, and affordability.

Made by Hanwei

Hanwei’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship ensures that each piece is unique and reliable. Embrace the legacy of Hanwei with the Practical Tanto and elevate your martial arts practice.