Musashi Katana

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Purchase the legendary Musashi Katana. Hand-forged high carbon steel blade, traditional design, and durable finish. Ideal for collectors and martial artists.

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Buy Musashi Katana – Authentic Samurai Sword by Hanwei

If you’re looking to buy a Musashi Katana, you’re in the right place. The Musashi Katana is a remarkable samurai sword inspired by the legendary swordmaster Miyamoto Musashi. Known for his unparalleled skill and iconic double-ring iron tsuba, this katana reflects the impressive length and craftsmanship of Musashi’s original Daito.

Key Features of the Musashi Katana:

  • Forged High Carbon Steel Blade: The blade is meticulously hand-forged from high carbon steel, ensuring strength and durability. It is edge-tempered to display a distinct hamon, a mark of true quality in traditional Japanese swords.
  • Traditional Construction: The katana features a leather-over-rayskin tsuka-ito, providing a secure and comfortable grip. The grip is double-pegged to the tang for enhanced safety.
  • Durable Finish: Mounted in black with a textured saya, the Musashi Katana is designed for long-lasting durability.


  • Overall Length: Approx. 115.6 cm
  • Blade Length: Approx. 74.3 cm
  • Handle Length: Approx. 38.1 cm
  • Weight: Approx. 1155 g
  • Point of Balance: Approx. 11.4 cm from the guard
  • Blade Width at Guard: Approx. 3.2 cm
  • Blade Width at Tip: Approx. 2.2 cm
  • Blade Thickness at Guard: Approx. 8 mm
  • Blade Thickness at Tip: Approx. 7 mm
  • Sori (Curvature): Approx. 1.9 cm
  • Manufacturer’s Product No.: SH1016
  • Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

Each Musashi Katana comes with a custom-fit cloth bag for proper protection and a Japanese blade maintenance kit, making it a perfect addition to any collection or martial arts practice.

Why Choose a Musashi Katana?

The Musashi Katana by Hanwei stands out due to its traditional craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials. Whether you are a collector, martial artist, or an enthusiast of Japanese history, this katana offers both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

Order Your Musashi Katana Today

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